What is the best way to clean the erasable Magic-Chart products?

Magic-Chart erasable sheets are “whiteboard-like” - and in that sense not completely comparable to a real whiteboard. However, the sheets can easily be moved in the room and can be written on a few times and erased to a limited extent.

The erasability of a sheet is the most optimal, e.g. in case a writing error is corrected shortly after writing. A whiteboard eraser or a microfiber cloth can be used for this.

In case of wiping after a longer period of time, we recommend using a slightly damp microfibre cloth. Very wet cleaning / spraying on the foil is not recommended

But be careful: not all Magic Charts are suitable for reuse. The “Magic-Chart whiteboard”, the “Magic-Chart clearboard” and the “Magic-Chart notes” are erasable. Of course, only if you write with an erasable Legamaster board marker.

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