What is the difference between the PREMIUM PLUS 7-1010xx and the PROFESSIONAL whiteboard 7-1000xx?

A big difference between the two boards is the suspension/strength on the wall. (also for large sizes) A PROFESSIONAL whiteboard has a wall mount that can be fixed with screws in the plastic mounting parts. The board is thus very well fixed to the wall. This has the advantage that in schools, corridors and auditoriums this is a very solid, strong and secure board. PREMIUM PLUS can e.g. be pushed out the wall mount by children. If you are looking for a solid board as well as unity in appearance, e.g. in the office, then there are more possibilities with PROFESSIONAL. Think of: revolving whiteboard, conference unit, flipchart, rail system, adding of a side panel, etc. Ease of use: PROFESSIONAL can be equipped with a long marker tray along the entire length of the board. Handy for large sizes. PREMIUM PLUS does not have this possibility, the marker trays is always 30 cm long and always falls between two mounting points in terms of length. PROFESSIONAL: different look and a little more "body".

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